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Eventus brings expertise, innovation and technology to enterprises, enabling them to excel by delivering outstanding Customer Experiences that drive loyalty and growth. We provide fully managed solutions, strategy and consulting, and a unique Software-as-a-Service platform bringing data and insight for continual improvement that scales.

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Every Event an Opportunity

Prepare for Oceans of Data and the New Wave of CX and Contact Center Intelligence

Prepare for Oceans of Data and the New Wave of CX and Contact Center Intelligence

Every mega trend in the CX industry today generates data, whether it is personalization (delivering the preferred experience to every individual customer), security (ensuring compliance with increasingly strict privacy regulations), automation (smarter and smarter bots), augmentation (natural language processing and the development of avatars), emotion sensing, voice-to-text translation (and related search for coaching and audits) and, of course, any and all Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications which we’re seeing more of in 2020.

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