Internet of Things

IoT provides the ability for an enterprise to provide proactive services and act as a key source to identify additional revenue opportunities.  Using IoT data can create a competitive advantage at a very reasonable price point and is particularly effective when combined with automated decision and next best action capabilities.

Digital Enterprise Design

Companies are now actively converting their entire enterprise to a digital backbone.  Like any transformation, however, the conversion to digital introduces many challenges along the way: what applications to replace paper processes?  Should consolidation of systems be part of the effort?  What is the true value of digital over historical ways of transacting commerce?  Eventus takes a holistic view to these engagements that includes technology, financial and cycle-time/process analysis aimed to maximize the total benefit of a digital enterprise.

AI and Machine Learning

Machine learning and AI offer the opportunity to pull cost out of service for both management and operational levels.  No longer solely the subject of think tanks, every organization should be developing an AI strategy and associated digital enterprise design that allows AI to be effectively implemented and measured.  Eventus works with clients on the AI journey to develop projects ranging from POC pilots as to full CX transformation projects with an AI backbone. 

Customer Predictive Analytics

As big data moves from the back office into the mainstream, predictive analytics are a key element to drive immediate responses to issues as well as to plan for operations.  Being able to predict operational disruptions, accurately predict demand and optimize customer treatment provides companies with the opportunity to capture market share and increase CSAT.


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