How Does Your Partner See Service Cloud Fitting into a Comprehensive Customer Engagement Strategy?

By Mike Donaldson on 10/1/15 11:00 AM

Earlier this year, we published a whitepaper called “12 Questions to Ask your Service Cloud Implementation Partner”.  The fourth question our contact center consulting experts suggest asking is how does your partner see Service Cloud fitting into a comprehensive customer engagement strategy?

Ten years ago, customer service and customer care meant helping people solve their problems in the most cost effective way possible. Nowadays, in what Forrester Research has dubbed the ‘Age of the Customer’, the goal of customer care has shifted to providing the highest possible level of customer service the organization can afford as part of an overall, end-to-end customer engagement strategy. Obsessively satisfying customers throughout all phases of the customer life cycle, above almost all else, has become one of the most important factors to a business’ long-term success. Your Service Cloud will be key to providing this type of customer experience. 

Topics: Cloud CRM
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