Support Employees as They Support Your Customers

By Mike Donaldson on 7/22/15 10:30 AM

In a recent whitepaper we identified 12 steps to help organizations achieve customer engagement excellence. The second step is “Support Employees as They Support Your Customers.” Employees who deliver customer service are not only the face of your organization, they often times tend to be the first interaction a customer has with your business. This makes them one of the most important aspects of the 12 steps.

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New 311 Programs

By Mike Donaldson on 7/10/15 10:30 AM


In a recent whitepaper we identified 5 types of 311 programs which governments are engaging in to provide effective services to their constituents. The first type is “New 311 Programs.” In some instances it is discovered that some government entities are playing catchup with the current state of 311 systems.

Many governments are looking to meet increased constituent expectations by implementing their first 311 programs. Such organizations never implemented 311 during the initial phase of 311 deployments in the early 2000s. In addition, some new projects are consolidation efforts by a county or state to cover the entire region rather than just a town or city. These initiatives sometimes grow from an elected official’s desire to provide their constituency with a single point of contact for all government services. They may also derive from the maturation of a citywide contact center, or a mayor’s correspondence unit, or a desire to provide more transparency for constituent services

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Make Customer Focus the Business Objective

By Mike Donaldson on 6/24/15 11:00 AM

In a recent whitepaper we identified 12 steps to help organizations achieve customer engagement excellence. The first of those steps is “Make Customer Focus the Business Objective.” While this may seem like a very basic change, it is a very important shift in your organization’s culture that helps create the best possible foundation for the remaining steps.

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What Does Your Service Cloud Implementation Partner Think 'CRM' Means

By Mike Donaldson on 6/17/15 9:00 AM

In a recent whitepaper we identified twelve questions to ask your service cloud implementation partner. The first of those questions is “What does the partner think ‘CRM’ means?” This is actually not a trick question. Of course everyone knows CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (or sometimes Constituent Relationship Management in government circles). But as customer relationships have become more strategic, the CRM software category has expanded to include multiple subcategories including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service.

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12 Steps to Customer Engagement Excellence

By Mike Donaldson on 6/10/15 3:50 PM

In an era where customers have more choice than ever before, companies must differentiate themselves not only by the products and services they sell, but also by how they engage their consumers and customers before and after the sale. According to a recent Daily News report, 86% of consumers will stop doing business with companies because of a bad customer experience. On the other hand, 60% of customers are willing to spend more money with companies they believe provide an excellent customer experience.

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