Why is Customer Support So Much Better on Twitter?

By Mike Donaldson on 12/8/15 3:48 PM

Twitter.jpgOur Managing Director Craig Tobin knows a thing or two about customer engagement. That is one reason he co-founded one of the industry's leading contact center consulting firms. Craig's experience in building and managing contact centers goes back to his career with GE and Oxford Health Plans, along with his time in the private equity marketplace. He has also personally negotiated billions of dollars in outsourcing agreements, both as a buyer and a seller. However, Craig's knowledge of customer service best practices remains current and state-of-the-art as well.

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The Importance of Service Standards to a Customer Engagement Strategy

By Mike Donaldson on 10/3/15 11:00 AM

In an era where customers have more choice than ever before, companies must differentiate themselves not only by the products and services they sell, but also by how they engage their consumers and customers before and after the sale. According to a recent Daily News report, 86% of consumers will stop doing business with companies because of a bad customer experience. On the other hand, 60% of customers are willing to spend more money with companies they believe provide an excellent customer experience. In a recent whitepaper, we identified twelve steps to take to achieve customer engagement excellence.  Step 3 was adopting service standards.

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