Seven Capabilities You Must Have with Home Agents

By Mike Donaldson on 6/3/16 5:22 PM

Last year, the contact center consulting experts at Eventus Solutions Group published a series of three whitepapers on Home Agents.  The first provided an overview of Home Agents while the second and third drilled into the operations and  technology aspects of deploying home agents. One of the topics we cover in the first paper is home agent contact center implementation considerations.

Despite the allure of the home agent model, employers shouldn’t underestimate the commitment required to be successful. The operation is dramatically different from brick and mortar. Consider the employee applicant pool as an example. When hiring for a brick and mortar operation, the employer is generally confined to the radius people are reasonably willing to commute to work. This fact limits the applicant pool a business can expect to attract.

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Technology Building Blocks for Home Agent Contact Centers

By Mike Donaldson on 9/22/15 1:53 PM

Home agent contact centers represent a goldmine of opportunity in staffing and cost advantages. By hiring remote agents to field your customer calls from their homes, not only do you eliminate the traditional brick and mortar costs from the equation, you essentially remove all physical boundaries from your hiring process. The quality and diversity of your applicant pool increases exponentially, and the quality of your customer calls improves as a result—but only if you have the right technology in place. Instead of brick and mortar, technology forms the foundation of the home agent contact center, and the tools you choose can make or break the success of your operation.

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Caution: Home Agent Applicant Flooding Ahead

By Mike Donaldson on 8/22/15 9:00 AM

Earlier this month, we released the first of a three-part series of whitepapers on home agent contact centers, There’s No Place Like Home.  If you read that paper and found yourself wanting more information about recruiting, training and managing home agents, you are in luck – the second paper in the series is now available.  This paper, Home Agent Best Practices: Operations, covers staffing, onboarding, training, and managing employee relations with home agents.

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Contact Centers Pack Up and Go Home

By Mike Donaldson on 8/6/15 11:30 AM

Cost containment is still a factor in the contact center, but it’s no longer the driving force. Today, the customer is firmly at the wheel, and home agent contact centers have moved to the forefront of many companies’ customer engagement initiatives.

By removing office commutes from the equation, home-based contact centers can tap into a much broader applicant pool than the traditional brick and mortar, making it easier to recruit skilled, mature and enthusiastic customer service professionals—the perfect corporate brand ambassadors.

At an average age of 40, 85% of home-based agents are college educated and most have at least ten years of business experience under their belts. In contrast, brick and mortar agents are typically young, high school educated, inexperienced and rarely looking to stay for the long haul. 

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