Contact Centers Pack Up and Go Home

By Mike Donaldson on 8/6/15 11:30 AM

Cost containment is still a factor in the contact center, but it’s no longer the driving force. Today, the customer is firmly at the wheel, and home agent contact centers have moved to the forefront of many companies’ customer engagement initiatives.

By removing office commutes from the equation, home-based contact centers can tap into a much broader applicant pool than the traditional brick and mortar, making it easier to recruit skilled, mature and enthusiastic customer service professionals—the perfect corporate brand ambassadors.

At an average age of 40, 85% of home-based agents are college educated and most have at least ten years of business experience under their belts. In contrast, brick and mortar agents are typically young, high school educated, inexperienced and rarely looking to stay for the long haul. 

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What Does Your Service Cloud Implementation Partner Think 'CRM' Means

By Mike Donaldson on 6/17/15 9:00 AM

In a recent whitepaper we identified twelve questions to ask your service cloud implementation partner. The first of those questions is “What does the partner think ‘CRM’ means?” This is actually not a trick question. Of course everyone knows CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management (or sometimes Constituent Relationship Management in government circles). But as customer relationships have become more strategic, the CRM software category has expanded to include multiple subcategories including sales force automation (SFA), marketing automation and customer service.

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The Age of the Customer and How We Got Here

By Marc Herschberger on 3/27/14 10:00 AM

We grew up hearing from various bosses and businesses about how “the customer is always right” and how you should focus on meeting their needs.  Before now, those ideas were considered optional and many businesses didn’t subscribe to them; but those days are over.  Now, if every aspect of your business doesn’t work towards delighting your customers, then you’ve lost a step in today’s market.  We have entered what Forrester Research has coined “The Age of the Customer” where businesses must be customer-obsessed in order to maintain any kind of competitive advantage.  This age of the customer impacts any contact center solutions you are using as well as other elements of customer engagement.  While this is the world our businesses now live in, it helps to understand how we got to this point.  Here’s a quick history lesson on the various business eras in relation to major competitive advantages and customer service operations.

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4 Questions to Ask Yourself before Considering Call Center Outsourcing

By Marc Herschberger on 3/24/14 5:55 PM

When it comes to considering the different sourcing options for a company and their customer service operations (offshore, onshore, near-shore, multi-country, etc.) key decision-makers face some very difficult choices.  Business practices in the past few decades have led to an overall negative public opinion toward the idea of outsourcing or off-shoring, yet customer continue to demand higher levels of service and greater cost savings that are now available from today's business process outsourcing.  Even still, other organizations are moving toward the cost-saving avenue of call center outsourcing without fully understanding the customer service consequences.  In an effort to help those searching for answers to the tough decision of whether or not to outsource, we’ve put together a short list of questions that may help provide a clearer answer.

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The 9 Channels Knowledge Management Touches

By Marc Herschberger on 3/3/14 5:16 PM

Knowledge management can be thought of as a slightly vague contact center solution.  Quite often, people understand the idea behind collecting and storing knowledge from within the company so that both agents and customers can access and utilize it when needed, but are unsure of how this is done or what areas of the contact center this affects.  Below is a list of 9 different areas of a contact center that can be positively affected by knowledge management.

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