Business Process Analysis and Design

In many cases the full value of technology requires the associated processes to be dissembled and reconstructed in a way that harmonizes the interactions across multiple legacy systems. Eventus brings a Six-Sigma approach to our engagements so that processes are optimized as part of any re-design effort.  Our outside-of-the-center thinking helps optimize center assets in the context of enterprise process design. Lastly, Eventus brings expertise and tools for managing processes across departments so that our designs are actionable and implementable.

Business Process Automation

Due to the complexity of many legacy environments it is not possible to keep all decision support and transaction ownership in the contact center.  Our enterprise process management tool experience ensures our business process re-designs and automations will minimize the time from "idea to asset" and maximize investment returns.

Desktop Automation

Optimizing the desktop by consolidating tools and streamlining agent processes can often provide 5-10% AHT reduction without significant back-end/legacy changes.    In cases where it is not practical to consolidate to a single tool, items like SSO and responsive design can provide significant usability benefits.  Eventus brings both operational and systems integration experience to these engagements to ensure your center(s) maximizes the return on labor.

Next Best Action

Decision support is no longer based solely on agent intuition or a single application data point to determine the best next step for electronic or phone channel inquires/transactions.  Best in class enterprises use automated decisioning (next best action) to drive customer experiences that are tailored and optimized to maximize revenue while minimizing service cost.  The Eventus Next Best Action approach integrates multiple data sources (call history, web inquiry, order/return history) to develop treatments that are aligned with historical/predictive buying/service behavior.

Core CRM

Customer incident, case, and activity management remain core to any service operation.  Eventus brings over 10 years of experience in developing and implementing core CRM capabilities. We have completed successful implementations with some of the largest CRM platforms including but not limited to Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce, Pega, and Genesys.

Robotic Process Automation

For cases where tool replacement is not practical or feasible, process automation can be used to drive down interaction times.  Robot scripting is a quick way to drive down interaction times associated with repetitive activity.  The value created through these types of projects is often a catalyst to help fund more substantial enterprise investment.


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