Command Center Playbook

Eventus has a proven approach to repeatable and evolving processes for the most critical part of the contact center.  The Command Center - WFM, real-time and reporting aspects - is often the genesis of most cost-saving changes within the call center.  Understanding these critical areas within the organization and formulating a repeatable methodology is necessary for managing ongoing costs and optimizing the contact center. 

KPI/SLA Analysis

Measurements are prevalent throughout the contact center, but using the right metrics is the difference between stagnant contact centers and an evolving environment that can proactively service customers.  Eventus can help identify the key metrics to focus on that reduce cost, increase revenue and/or align to a specific customer experience.  Measuring the right KPIs can transform contact centers into a key influencer within the organization.

Real-Time Agent Monitoring

Managing contact center resources in real-time is key to delivering on the forecasted needs and aligning to budget constraints.  Reviewing agent performance in real-time, aligning with anticipated schedules and monitoring handle times, assists with optimizing agent productivity while heavily influencing the customer experience.  Eventus enables contact centers through the proactive management of agents, identify resource trends and suggest corrective resource actions when appropriate - all focused on optimizing operational spend and balancing desired outcomes.

Balanced Scorecard Design and Build

A balanced scorecard is critical to align the strategic vision with the day-to-day work intended to deliver on the strategy.  Understanding and implementing approaches that measure the KPIs aligned with the strategic vision help contact centers identify the best delivery tactics with measurable and accountable metrics. Designing a balanced scorecard, with easily-understood metrics, enables the contact center to deliver efficiently on the organizational strategy.  

Real-Time Reporting

Visibility into the performance of your organization is not only helpful, but a critical differentiator in Contact Centers being able to move from reactive to proactive.  Understanding real-time impacts to the organization enable the contact center teams to react productively to unpredictable situations and anticipate future coming needs.  Eventus has implemented programs that leverage real-time reporting that have helped organizations better manage their resources and improve customer experience delivery.

Monthly Reporting and SLA Analysis

Consistently reviewing organizational performance with a consistent cadence is influential to identifying areas for ongoing improvements and celebrating successes.  Establishing an approach that revisits the monthly reporting, identifying impacting events and sharing with the organization helps identify opportunities for optimizing customer interactions.  Eventus helps companies analyze and implement disciplines within the contact center that better explain customer interactions, technology challenges and, operational opportunities.  


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