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Five Key Considerations When Launching a CRM Shared Service

CRM-Five-Considerations-178x178T.pngEventus has worked with multiple Fortune 500 class organizations on shared service deployments of cloud-based CRM platforms. This whitepaper summarizes five key factors to consider before embarking on a modern CRM shared services initiative.  


How to Lead a Successful Content Migration     


Content-Migration-150.pngEventus has joined forces with Irrevo to create a comprehensive, step-by-step manual to help you navigate the complex, and often stressful, transition to a new knowledge management platform.  To give you the necessary detail, we have created three papers devoted to each of the major stages. 


What Does the Future of Knowledge Management Look Like?

Eventus_KMWhitepaper_r2_v1_178.pngIt's becoming quite clear that self-service, which has been a focus of attention for decades, will be the primary way that customer support is delivered in the coming years.  Is your organization ready for the future state?  


Home Agent Best Practices: There's No Place Like Home

There's no place like home

Implemented correctly, home agent contact centers dramatically improve upon every key factor in the contact center equation: workforce quality, business continuity, staffing efficiency, cost and most importantly, customer engagement.


Home Agent Best Practices: Operations

Home Agent Best Practices: Operations

Handling such high volumes of home agent applicants poses a challenge. How do you interact with so many candidates? How do you automate the qualification process? And what's the best way to move new hires through onboarding & training when you never see them face to face?


Home Agent Best Practices: Technology


Technology is the foundation of the home agent contact center, so the tools you choose can make or break the success of your operation. This whitepaper will give you a better understanding of the technical considerations  for monitoring, supporting and securing the home agent environment.


12 Steps to Customer Engagement Excellence

12 Steps to Customer Engagement Excellence Whitepaper

In an era where customers have more choice than ever before, companies must differentiate themselves not only by the products and services they sell, but also by how they engage their customers before and after the sale.


12 Questions for Service Cloud Implementers

12 Questions to Ask Your Service Cloud Implementation Partner Whitepaper

As more organizations implement new CRM capabilities, the demand for CRM implementation partners is growing. While there are many CRM implementation specialists to choose from, not all CRM implementation partners have equivalent capabilities.


Moving Toward 311 2.0

Moving Toward 311 2.0 Trends & Developments in the 311 Industry Whitepaper

What does Apple have to do with 311?  What about Zappos?  The answer is - more than you might think!  These companies have been delivering such fantastic customer experiences that they have “raised the bar” on consumer expectations for what constitutes good service in all segments of the economy.


The Right Outsourcing Strategy


In today’s Age of the Customer business environment, many contact centers are looking for ways to improve service levels - often with little or no budget increase. Sound familiar? Given this challenging environment, should outsourcing be part of your strategy? 


Customer Focused Contact Center

Customer Focused Contact Center White Paper

To achieve specific customer experience goals, there are many variables that need to be investigated, then carefully calibrated. One could think of these as levers of a contact center machine, all of which are closely interdependent. Calibrating one lever can dramatically affect another, find a balance.


Managing Social Media

Managing Social Media Whitepaper

Developing and blending an effective social media strategy that balances not only marketing efforts, but customer service, is necessary to best position your company in the evolving social media environment.



Why Modernizing Siebel Makes More Sense than Replacing It

Siebel Modernization

In this webinar presented by the immixGroup, you will learn how Eventus Solutions Group is working with Siebel users to modernize their CRM implementations by incorporating elements of Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) into a hybrid Siebel-OSvC architecture.


Business Benefits of SaaS for Government

Business Benefits of SaaS- Eventus Webinar

Managing Director, Craig Tobin stars in this Oracle webinar hosted by Eventus friend and partner Spencer Stern covering the multiple benefits government organizations can receive by moving their contact center operations to applications running on a cloud infrastructure


Overcoming the Service Cloud Application Support Challenge

Oracle Service Cloud Application Support Challenges- Eventus Webinar

This joint webinar with our partners at the Immix Group features Mike Donaldson and Steve Werner and reviews subjects such as the need for ongoing applicaiton support for cloud-based CRM systems and reasons why this need is often overlooked.


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Case Studies

Delivering a Contact Center for a State Health Benefits Exchange

Delivering a Contact Center for a State Run Health Benefits Exchange- Eventus Case Study

This case study illustrates how Eventus was able to work with a State Health Benefit Exchange to not only successfully bring the exchange live on time and on budget, but also to leave it with a next-generation contact center that will save millions of dollars annually for years to come.


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