Get On the Path to Success with a Strategic Roadmap

Strategic Roadmap Overview

Actions_400With CEOs and Boards of Directors driving ‘Age of the Customer’ initiatives, contact centers have gained renewed attention as the heart of most organizations’ customer engagement strategies. However, this environment of increased visibility is not the time to be running a contact center that is not meeting business objectives. Even worse would be being behind on targets and failing to have a plan for the necessary optimization, modernization or transformation work needed to get back onto a successful track. Yet without a significant dedicated effort, even veteran executives have difficulty diagnosing short and long-term problems and developing the necessary operations and technology remediation plans.

This is where an Eventus Strategic Roadmap engagement can help. By understanding your current state operations and technology, as well as your business objectives, Eventus contact center consulting experts can work with you to develop a complete strategic contact center business roadmap and technology architecture. We can also help you with the ROI analysis and business case you will need to get your strategic projects approved and implemented.

Do You Have a Plan for Hitting Your Business Goals? 

goal400Managing the day-to-day aspects of  a large contact center operation so you hit your objectives is challenging enough. Yet in today’s highly visible yet constantly changing customer engagement environment, having a plan for meeting your evolving objectives over time is also essential. Do you find yourself in one of these situations?

  • You are not hitting their current goals, yet do not have the internal resources to diagnose and remediate the issues.
  • You are doing well today, but you are concerned about how you will support business strategies to add new offerings or expand into new geographies
  • You are being asked to increase customer satisfaction levels, yet you are not getting additional budget. In fact your budget is going down!
  • You are coming to the end of a multiyear strategic plan and need to develop a new  plan, yet you don’t have available internal resources to do the work

If any of these sound familiar, the first step in geting your contact center on the path to success is a comprehensive Strategic Roadmap.

The Eventus Strategic Roadmap Methodology


Eventus Contact Center Strategic Roadmap projects combine analysis of the existing operations and technologies that together define modern contact center environments with future state business and technology directions to develop a balanced contact center strategy and roadmap. While the scope of specific assessment projects can vary with client needs, they often include investigation of sourcing strategies including outsourcing, onshore/offshore and agent-at-home; command center strategies, cloud strategies, call deflection strategies and omnichannel strategies. Technologies assessed include CRM, telephony and contact center tools such a workforce management.

In typical assessment projects, the Eventus team first works with its clients to establish a comprehensive baseline of "as is" capabilities. From this data, it compares this data with best-in-class data to produce a gap analysis highlighting areas for possible focus. Eventus experts then work with the client to develop a series of future state scenarios and initiatives that will enable the client to meet its business objectives. They also define scenario pro's and con's, as well as order of magnitude cost and timing estimates. Next, the Eventus team reviews these future scenarios with the client to validate the direction, refine the scenarios and develop more detailed estimates. Following client approval of recommended scenarios, the Eventus team develops and delivers a complete program plan, future state architecture, business case and ROI analysis.

Why Engage with Eventus?

Team_400Why do our clients hire us for contact center Strategic Roadmaps (formerly called Assessments)? It usually boils down to one or more of these six reasons:

Deep Domain Expertise Contact centers and customer engagement are all we do. Our senior consultants all have 15+ years experience building and operating contact centers.

Industry and Function Best Practices Eventus consultants benefit from servicing multiple clients in the same sector, as well as clients facing similar problems in different sectors. This knowledge allows them to quickly identify common problems, as well as effective solutions.

Analytical Bandwidth Contact centers are so complex that few organizations have experts available in all the necessary functions for a strategic roadmap project. Eventus has experts in all aspects of contact center and often utilizes of team of 5-6 experts in different areas even for relatively small contact center assessment projects.

Staff Augmentation Many of our clients have senior personnel who are qualified to do this kind of strategic assessment work, but these people have day jobs and do not have time for this kind of project. Eventus can complement whoever the client has available for the project with additional experts to create a complete project team.

Fresh Perspective Contact center strategic roadmaps can sometimes become emotional or political. Some clients benefit from the objective, external perspective provided by Eventus strategic consultants.

More Than a Stack of Paper Some management consultants develop a bad reputation for delivering expensive stacks of paper that are unactionable. Eventus is different. In additional to doing strategy work, we also offer implementation consulting and managed services. So if you want us to implement and manage what we recommend in your assessment, we will be glad to do that for you.

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