Content-Migration-150.pngWritten by Eventus and Irrevo

After you've selected your new, modern content management system, the next step is to organize and lead a successful content migration. But this step trips up many organizations. All too often, organizations launch into a migration project without a comprehensive plan and wind up running into numerous costly delays and surprise setbacks. But, with the right planning and preparation, you'll be up and running, on time and on budget.

In this edition of Irrevo's Knowledge Program Guidebook series, we have joined forces with Eventus Solutions Group to create a comprehensive, step-by-step ebook to help you successfully navigate the complex, and often stressful, transition to a new content management platform. To give you the level of detail necessary to take effective action, we created separate papers devoted to each of the three major stages:

  • Part 1, Defining Goals and Building the Team, covers the important 2016 trends impacting knowledge management and helps you build your plan and the team you need to go the distance
  • Part 2, Requirements, Roadmap, and Resources, takes a deep dive into the scoping, budgeting, strategy, and planning to help you design your comprehensive knowledge migration roadmap
  • Part 3, Design and Test, takes you through the process of building an effective pilot test that puts your migration plan into action and helps you fine-tune before the big launch
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