Six-Sigma Process Analysis

Consistent and measured approaches to call center process and processes that impact the call center is critical to delivering a exceptional customer experience.  Understanding the supporting processes behind the customer experience - what steps are necessary to fulfill the experience - often garner areas of improvement that can further help delight the customer.  Eventus leverages a proven methodology to analyze the existing processes, identify the right measurements and evaluate changes that optimize efficiencies which will assist with managing costs and delivering the overall desired experience.

Continuous Improvement Program Design

Leveraging a consistent methodology for ongoing improvements, Eventus assists with maintaining a competitive advantage in a customer-choice driven world.  We can assist with designing a program with a repeatable approach to analyze, identify and implement ongoing changes to improve the evolving customer experience.  Our approach focuses on the overall customer experience, the key performance indicators, and the influencing processes to develop a program tailored to enabling ongoing continuous improvement. 

Continuous Improvement Program Implementation

Leveraging a program that consistently reviews and improves the customer experience is a differentiator to attracting, servicing and keeping customers.  Eventus can assist with implementing a self-managed and measurable continuous improvement program tailored to your desired outcomes.  Continually monitoring and identifying impactful changes using a methodical approach helps optimize costs and deliver ongoing results. 


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