As CRM Becomes More Strategic, So Does Your Implementation Partner

CRM is at the Heart of Age of the Customer Initiatives

CRM_Market_Landscape 600.pngWhile Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has long been a core technology for contact centers, three developments are now forcing organizations to reexamine their CRM strategies. First, cloud-based systems are delivering dramatically lower costs to an industry that has traditionally been extremely cost-conscious. Second, with the emergence of the Age of the Customer, it is no longer sufficient for CRM to deliver an adequate customer experience at a low cost. Now, organizations are being judged on the quality of customer experience they (and their CRM systems) can deliver. Third, omnichannel communications are a reality for the modern customer who expects always-on, multiple-choice service options. While many customer interactions still occur by voice, customers are expressing their preference for more modern communications channels such as email, mobile, social, chat, self-service and co-browse. CRM vendors are aggressively expanding their product lines to support omnichannel capabilities. Nowadays, people recognize cloud CRM platforms as essential architectural components of enterprise-wide customer engagement architectures.


Eventus CRM Capabilities

Rolando_400For these large-scale, mission-critical deployments supporting multiple change drivers, user cases, business units and end users, organizations are increasingly turning to 3rd party experts as opposed to trying to do it themselves. They are looking to this new class of firm to help them:

  • Develop their cloud CRM technology vision
  • Implement the technology
  • Integrate the technology with Telephony, Contact Center operations applications and back office applications
  • Manage deployments across business units
  • Provide production application support over the long term

Eventus Solutions Group is uniquely qualified to optimize existing CRM systems or implement new platforms in this environment. Unlike traditional technical systems integrators or vendor professional services arms, Eventus brings a unique blend of contact center technology and operations expertise to its engagements. By taking a holistic view of your entire customer engagement strategy, Eventus can ensure your new system will meet your critical business objectives.


Eventus CRM Functional Expertise

Eventus functional CRM expertise covers the entire range of modern CRM platforms including sales force automation; contact center agent desktop; self-service website customer portal; knowledgebase; omnichannel communications including email, chat, social media and cobrowse; CTI/ACD/enterprise communications integration; complex case management; back office integration; marketing campaign management; mobile applications and reporting and analytics.


Eventus CRM Experience and Partnerships

Eventus has successfully delivered over 80 CRM implementation projects for its Clients. We are an Oracle Specialized Gold Partner Oracle Service Cloud, a Pegasystems Registered Business Partner, and a partner. We also specialize in modernizing existing Siebel CRM implementations. We help our clients build capabilities that drive revenue, reduce call handling time by making the agent more efficient, improve the customer experience and help your management get the insight they need into your customer interactions.






Meeting Customer Demand for Omnichannel Communications

Michelle_400Leveraging the Internet and all of its various communications mechanisms to support clients is critical in today´s environment. Your customers expect to be able to perform many transactions with your organization in an easy-to-use self-service model. Eventus can help you maximize the communications channels for your organization.

 Our philosophy is to integrate with the CRM Application as many of the channels as possible to give you an integrated view of customer contact history and to empower your contact center agents with knowledge to better serve the customer.

 Key ways we can help Clients include:

  • Email Management Solutions leveraging automation technology to ensure the right email goes to the right person in your organization, to provide that person with tools to quickly respond to the customer and for the customer to feel engaged throughout the process with automated updates
  • Chat and Co-Browse technology to enable customers using your website to receive help directly from you at the time they need it
  • Social Media to ensure you are listening to what your customers are saying and to provide you with a secure, workflow based approach to effectively responding to your customer community
  • Mobile application integration so your contact center resources and customer service organization is aware of requests coming from this channel

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