Journey Mapping

As part of our Customer Journey mapping process, Eventus provides strategic and technology recommendations. In addition, we also provide implementation and managed services to ensure customer satisfaction and customer experience benefits are realized.

Customer Lifecycle Analysis

Eventus provides strategic and technology recommendations along with implementation and managed services beyond the Customer Journey Mapping process to ensure the realization of customer satisfaction and improve the overall customer experience. Improving customer experience leads to higher customer retention, repeat business, and positive customer referrals.

Transformation Strategy

CX leaders have transformed the way businesses interact with their customers today. There are a multitude of questions that need to be assessed to be able to choose the strategy that aligns with the business objectives.

  • How do millennial customers interact with your business, as opposed to Generation X?
  • What contact channels are preferred and which should be avoided?
  • What are my customers pain points on their customer journey?

Many questions must be answered, and a customer journey map created, before a transformation can occur. Whether that transformation includes the implementation of new contact channels to better appeal to millennial customers, or simply improve IVR functionality. Eventus has the experience to plan, execute and monitor the success of your businesses through the entire transformation.


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