CSAT Program Design

Customer Satisfaction is typically associated with contact centers or retail environments as that is where a majority of customer interactions occur. While associated with customer interactions, customer satisfaction involves every organization within a company to continually improve. Interactions and direct feedback provide valuable consumer insights, areas of satisfaction/dissatisfaction and assist with developing sustainable customer growth. Clearly defining a Customer Satisfaction program enables an organization to more quickly react to customer needs while remaining competitive. Understanding that customer satisfaction is a company effort, requires effective measurements and is a continual process is critical to ongoing improvements to customer satisfaction.

Eventus leverages CSAT data to enhance the overall customer experience and targeting contact center improvements. Eventus provides strategic, operational and technology recommendations that target customer interactions, align business processes to the desired customer experience and enable the contact center delivery of the intended experience. Eventus can help improve ongoing CSAT management for our clients or design, implement and oversee the overall CSAT experience. Eventus CSAT programs help measure, enact change and improve overall customer satisfaction.


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