The Problem

Many Contact centers struggle to get unified information about their operation. Contact centers typically have a technology stack consisting of an IVR, ACD, CRM, WFM, QA and HRIS. You can typically get canned reporting out of each system, however that data is disparate and cannot be cross analyzed easily.

This leaves you with limited options. Manually compile data from multiple sources or attempt to build your own comprehensive reporting platform. Manually compiling reports can result in slow production times and inaccurate data. Setting up your own solution can be costly, time consuming, and inflexible when it comes to creating new reports or swapping out source systems.

Why consider Eventus IntelligenceHub as a Solution?


Analytics are not integrated throughout the customer experience

  • Without unified data, contact centers have limited ability to streamline scheduling, optimize coaching, and align agent(s) call incentives with corporate initiatives.
  • Contact center managers have a difficult time seeing a holistic view of contact center operations. This is caused by a combination of siloed systems, spreadsheets, and various custom reports.


Data integrity is not maintained through major changes

  • Data sets can be so large and complex that it is virtually impossible to process and analyze using traditional methods.
  • Replacing a major system or making a minor change to a process, can make it difficult to keep your data up to date.
  • Flat data file manipulation through Excel is an outdated and inefficient method when attempting to unify data across multiple platforms.


Impossible to enact positive change without data-driven decision making

  • Data-driven decision making is the only way to satisfy everyone: customers, employees, management, and executives.
  • Without rich and trustworthy data, many strategic contact center initiatives are launched with no insight into their potential value.
  • Improving the contact center workforce is impossible without knowing where individual agents need help or whether they can act as peer leaders.

Unify Data Sources & Everyone Wins

The most meaningful insights can be surfaced when data is integrated. We have a unique Proprietary Data Model that captures data from source systems at the most granular level. This allows us to join data across multiple systems and analyzed at a deep level to surface areas of greatest opportunity. These Cross-System insights are a powerful leverage in driving real change.

Easy access to your reports means quickly that you can have answers quickly, and easily with supporting data to drive your business in the right direction. Saving you time, effort, and increasing efficiency. Our team of Business Intelligence Engineers is constantly reviewing data flowing into our platform and curating new reports and visualizations. 


Our platform has introduced 35+ different report dashboards, consisting of over 100 individual report views, with new views being added regularly.


As a customer on the Eventus Intelligence Hub platform, you will be a part of our reporting Eco-system. This means that any reports that are developed by our team, will be added to our standard reporting cookbook and rolled out to your production instance. 

Take it for a test drive!

Demo a live, fully-functioning workbook



Provides IVR specific data related to:

  • Geographical Statistics
  • Menu Option Selections
  • Self-Service Containment


Call transaction data around:

  • Average Handle Time
  • Calls Offered
  • Average Wrap Time


Data centered on:

  • Knowledgebase
  • First Call Resolution
  • Back Office Work


Provides agent specific data on:

  • Schedule Adherence
  • Scheduling Accuracy
  • Forecast Accuracy


Data as it pertains to:

  • Quality Assurance Scoring
  • Performance Trending
  • Buzzwords


Human Resource relative data:

  • Payroll
  • Performance Management
  • Tenure
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