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Eventus has been around since 2009 and since then we have been growing. Our clients represent some of the biggest brands in their respective fields. We work with a variety of clients in a number of different specialized fields including retail, government, hospitality, healthcare and more. At Eventus you have an opportunity to positively impact our client operations which in turn improves their customer experience. If you are looking to grow your career, learn more, develop new skills, and work in a highly collaborative environment then look no further!


Our office is located on the Southern end of the Denver Tech Center and is within walking distance of the Lincoln Light-rail station. Denver is a great city to work in and our facility is well equipped with a newly renovated office. We have an open kitchen stocked with snacks and employees have access to the modern gym that is in the same building!


The best work isn't the result of individuals - it comes from the combined efforts of a great team. Our people hail from several states across the U.S., with creative and analytical minds that are just as diverse. When we're not working hard, you can find us enjoying happy hour or teaming up for volunteer opportunities in the area.


We pride ourselves on our corporate strategy that includes developing our people and culture by offering employees a variety of competitive and comprehensive benefits and perks. 

Annual company Christmas party, picnic, Halloween costume contest, Colorado Rockies game, and Corporate sponsored health & wellness events. 

Not convinced? Here's what the Eventus family has to say.

I like working for Eventus because of the people. The senior leadership cares about their employees and it shows in their everyday actions. Eventus creates a great environment to continuously learn new things. With other companies, I’ve been stuck in roles where there learning has stopped within a year or so. With Eventus, I’ve been able to learn new things on every project, which keeps me excited and motivated. As a remote employee, the Holiday Party is the best.


Hal Black

Consulting Manager / Strategic Consulting

Eventus allows me to not only be a part of an amazing group of brilliant people but the flexibility to pursue ideas for the betterment of the company and our clients. We are a small firm that can offer what a big firm would, including compensation and big-name clientele. Working for a smaller firm like Eventus gives me the advantage of being very nimble, collaborating more efficiently, and expediting needs for the client without a lot of bureaucracy.


Dave Tewell

Senior Manager / Managed Services

I really believe the group I work with is the best at adapting and finding results. No one opinion is thought of less than another; and I enjoy working with my coworkers because of their accountability towards a common goal. This is a small company that is like a family and allows me to get to know others in different departments. I enjoy the company outings, picnics and lunches that pop up throughout the year. It’s the small perks that let me know the time I put in is appreciated.


Dawn Cadwell

Real Time Analyst / Managed Services

Working at Eventus, I was empowered and challenged to make a difference starting my very first week. Things moved quickly but it was perfect. It was wonderful validation that my skill set was solid, and my judgment and input were appreciated and encouraged from the outset. Everyone here is exceptionally knowledgeable and is a “let’s all roll up our sleeves and do this” type. It’s so satisfying to see this all working together to be able to delight our clients.


Mig Ponce

Manager / Managed Services

I find that Eventus provides a wealth of opportunity to work closely with knowledgeable professionals to enhance my skills to best aid clients that we support. Frequent employee outings and events help to develop a close-knit group that excels both inside and outside the work environment. In addition to current skill enhancement, Eventus helps to foster a thirst for knowledge and to define a notable career path.


Angelique Murray

Real Time Analyst / Managed Services

Working at Eventus is such a rewarding experience. This is primarily because everyone in this group really strives to achieve the best experience for our clients and their customers. Subpar service experiences are the reason that our clients need our expertise, so we ensure that everything we provide is top notch. Throughout the year there are various outings such tickets for the Rockies, summer picnic’s, and annual holiday party.


Immanuel Perry

Senior Analyst / Managed Services

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