Headcount Requirements

Headcount requirements translate the forecast outlook into staffing needs by considering factors such as random call arrival, skilling structure, and agent absenteeism and attrition. Eventus Operations Managed Services generates requirements using industry-leading forecasting and staffing platforms, including NICE IEX. Detailed, accurate requirements enable intelligent agent hiring and scheduling, as well as optimized off-phone activity planning, all of which work to reduce cost and improve center performance.


Forecast Accuracy Analysis and Revision

While our standard forecast accuracy objective is +/- 10% for enterprise-level monthly forecasts, this single number does not adequately capture the level of detail and care that Eventus analysts bring to our forecasts. By analyzing monthly, weekly, daily, and interval-level forecast accuracy trends, we identify changing trends and fine-tune forecast parameters. While we strive for accuracy in our monthly forecast updates, in changing or uncertain business environments new information can lead to forecast revisions. In every case, we seek to empower our clients and partners by providing the most accurate, up-to-date, actionable forecasts possible.

Volume Arrival Intreval Forecasting

Contact Centers succeed and/or fail by minute-to-minute performance, not monthly averages. This is why Eventus Operations Managed Services forecasts include detail down to the 15 or 30 minute interval level (when necessary). Eventus analysts use historical trending, weighted by information on historical and future affecting events, to develop interval contact arrival forecasts.


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