Eventus_WPBookImages_ManagingSocialMedia.pngSocial media-savvy organizations have invested in tools that scan the web’s most influential consumer sites, blogs, YouTube, online forums, wikis, podcasts and social networks and “listen” to what customers and potential customers are saying about their brand, service and specific products. Some organizations even use these powerful monitoring tools to monitor what’s being said about their competition.

By downloading this 7-page whitepaper, you will get answers to questions like:

  • What are the skills sets necessary within our operations to successfully handle social media interactions?

  • How will we manage the customer experience because we’re adding new customer contact points that we never had to manage before?

  • How do we integrate these new contact points into our existing systems and processes?

  • How will we monitor the activity and resulting customer outcomes?

  • Do we have the capabilities to do this all ourselves? If we have gaps, do we need to outsource? Do we have a knowledgeable partner to help us operate and run this?

  • What’s the cost to our business of not managing this effectively?

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