New Techniques Allow Agencies to Improve Service While Reducing Costs

Optimizing Customer Engagement for Government

Government organizations are under tremendous budget pressure to find ways to do more with less. At the same time, constituent expectations for government-provided services are increasing. Fortunately, a new generation of customer engagement technologies and approaches are now available that can help government and NGO organizations improve service levels while reducing costs.


Eventus Solutions Group is a SBA-certified small business that helps its clients optimize the ways they engage with their customers over the phone, the Internet, via social networks and mobile applications. Our Federal Services Division provides our government clients with unique, cost-effective solutions for proactive outreach as well as responsive service.

The Age of the Government Customer

Those working for government organizations are excused if they thought Forrester's announcement that commercial organizations are now in the "Age of the Customer" did not apply to them. However, the Age of the Customer absolutely does apply to government organizations for two reasons. First, increasing consumer power and rising consumer expectations that have fueled that Age of the Customer definitely apply to government agencies. Second, modern technologies and techniques that are fueling the Age of the Customer for commercial organizations will also bring huge benefits to government organizations.

The challenge for these government organizations is that at the same time they are facing pressures from rising service expectations, they are also under unprecedented budget pressure to find ways to do more with less. While it makes senses to assume that improved service will cost more, this does not have to be true.New customer engagement technologies and techniques not only provide a better experience, they actually cost less to acquire and operate than previous generation approaches. Eventus has extensive experience implementing these new cost-saving yet service-improving capabilities for government agencies and NGOs.

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New Technologies Improve Service While Reducing Costs

An excellent example of a new technology that can improve service levels while reducing costs is multichannel communications. Traditionally customer support organizations have relied on live agents providing assistance either over the phone or face-to-face. These contact centers are expensive to build and operate. With the scale of government organizations, these expenses are significant.

Over the past ten years, consumers have discovered and embraced new communications techniques such as messaging, chat, mobile applications and social media for staying in touch with friends, families and colleagues. Early adopter commercial organizations have implemented these communication tools to improve their customers' experience when buying, using or getting help with their products.

Furthermore, multi-channel communications is just one example of a next-generation technology that improves service while costing less. Cloud-based applications and agent-at-home staffing models are two other recent innovations that Eventus has implemented for government and NGO organizations to reduce costs while improving service levels.

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