Eventus_WPBookImages_HomeAgent1-NoPlaceLikeHome-small.pngContact centers everywhere are under pressure to improve customer satisfaction and reduce cost per customer. However, aren't these two goals incompatible? Not necessarily. While each of these is difficult enough to achieve on its own, there are several strategies contact centers can employ that both improve CSAT AND reduces costs.  Home agents is one of those strategies. 

The flexible nature of home agent employment opportunities attracts articulate and enthusiastic candidates—the perfect brand ambassadors. When correctly implemented, home agent programs can dramatically improve upon every key factor in the contact center equation: workforce quality, business continuity, staffing efficiency, costs, and ultimately customer satisfaction.

If you considering creating or expanding a home agent program, you might be interested in a series of three free Home Agent whitepapers Eventus Solutions Group has written.  These papers contain expertise and advice Eventus contact center consulting experts have gained designing and implementing home agent programs. In this first whitepaper in the series, you will learn:

  • How social and business pressures are causing contact centers to move back onshore and into the home
  • The business benefits of the two types of home agent contact center models
  • Best practices for tools, technology, security and home agent contact center operations
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