Eventus_WPBookImages_HomeAgent2-Operations-small.pngThe home agent contact center model removes all distance and physical barriers from the staff sourcing process. In this win-win situation, customer service agents enjoy the convenience of working from home, and contact center managers gain access to a vast pool of mature and skilled applicants that might otherwise have been out of reach. In fact, national exposure to home-based employment opportunities can attract thousands of potential hires.

Of course, handling such high volumes of applicants poses a challenge. How do you interact with so many candidates? How do you automate the qualification process? And what’s the best way to move new hires through onboarding and training when you never see them face to face?

Download this white paper to learn:

  • How to source and recruit candidates with specialized skill sets or certifications.
  • How to address the unique tracking and record keeping requirements of home-based agents.
  • Effective methods for managing and scheduling geographically distributed call agents
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