As part of the road-mapping process we will:

Understand your current KM maturity and the driving business strategy behind your KM investment
• Identify your current state KM governance and technology architecture
• Understand the user community (Authors, End Users, Stakeholders, KM Operations and IT)
• Quantify KM content needs (sources, content type, quantity, touch-points)

The output of this initial assessment is a Current State Assessment and a Future Roadmap geared to your specific organizational challenges related to KM. Both documents encompass KM governance, technology needs (requirements and a KM vendor/solution selection, if needed), the “presentation layer” of content and audience appropriateness, staffing needs, a detailed content preparation plan for transformation and migration, and an assessment of the performance metrics/KPIs impacted by KM that will provide ROI to support additional investments


Governance is all about process; it’s the way in which content is created, reviewed and approved but your human and technical resources play a huge part in the success of your KM governance. The key is to provide just the right amount of review and oversight of your content, without overcomplicating things and creating bottlenecks. Organizations often add too many layers of review and approval that are unnecessary. Eventus can help your organization develop an end-to-end process for content creation, publication, and feedback that ensures content accuracy while enabling a speedy Time to Publish (TTP). All human and technical resourcing needs are explored to understand where there might be gaps, including creating a joint KM implementation team when needed. 

Content Migration and Management

Content is “king” and is what sets Eventus apart from other system integrators. While technology plays a major part in being able to find your organizational assets, that content must be well-written and transactional in nature in order for your agents to consistently provide the quickest and most accurate answers possible.  Writing for customer consumption is even more important. Each KM solution manages and finds content a little differently. If you need to migrate content from various sources into one KM solution, we can help you identify the best methodology for that process, whether it be an automated, manual, or a hybrid approach. If you prefer to federate content from various data sources, your ontology and taxonomy must be developed and applied to facilitate successful search and navigation by end-users. If you prefer to utilize artificial intelligence, some systems will require that you pre-build or “tune” inferences to improve self-service offerings. Eventus can quickly assess your content to identify weaknesses in structure and format, identify the ideal location of your content for quickest consumption, prepare writing guidelines, establish quality standards and review processes, and build inferences that allow your technology solution(s) to work optimally. We can identify the level of effort required to transform your content according to these guidelines, and we can even help you staff (temporarily or long-term) the technical writing resources to perform the work. 

Knowledge Implementation

Eventus is vendor-agnostic and has experience and expertise with a variety of KM technologies; many that are built-in to CRM solutions and others that are stand-alone. Regardless of your current architecture and needs, we can help you quickly find, deploy and integrate a KM solution into your operations. Eventus has the resources - whether you need system architects to help with design, business architects to help with implementation, technical engineers to help with configuration and set-up, or web engineers to help with website design, implementation, and roll out regardless of the platform. Each team has oversight from our specialized knowledge management consultants who ensure that all aspects of governance, content quality, discoverability, and readability are fully tested and optimized based on established performance metrics. 


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