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EMS_Summary_600Once all the hard work has been done to plan and build out a strategic customer engagement initiative, the last "to do" is to put in place suitable and sufficient management resources to support your new operations and technologies. Many of our clients have sufficient internal expertise and resources to take on these tasks themselves. However, a growing number have told us they need help to perform these functions adequately.

To meet the needs of clients like these, as well as other organizations for whom we have not done Plan or Build work, Eventus has introduced two families of managed services designed to take on full or partial responsibility for the day-to-day management of contact center operations and technology. The first, Eventus Operations Managed Services, provides global command center services to support one or more distributed contact centers, whether they be in-house our outsourced. The second, Eventus Technology Managed Services, provides application support for cloud-based CRM and Enterprise Communications applications. All Eventus managed services are hosted out of Eventus' Denver-based command center facility.


Eventus Operations Managed Services


Anyone who has worked in a large contact center environment recognizes the critical role played by the command center staff that provides essential support including forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, reporting/analytics and vendor management. Without effective performance of these functions with the right technologies and processes, it is virtually impossible for any contact center to achieve industry-standard quality or productivity metrics. Yet despite the critical role this organization plays, many organizations struggle to make their Command Center a strategic advantage because it is hard to staff and scale, and it is often underfunded from both a staffing and technology perspective. The Eventus Operations Managed Service provides our clients with a new option to solving this problem. Instead of budgeting and staffing to build their own command centers at each contact center, Eventus offers its global command center as a managed service that uses cloud technologies to support multiple contact centers from a single centralized locations. Depending on your specific needs, Eventus can provide full-service or supplemental capacity with expert staff and proven, consistent processes to dramatically improve your command center function at a substantially lower cost.

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Eventus Technology Managed Services


Over the course of performing dozens of Cloud CRM and enterprise communcations implementations, Eventus has observed an interesting phenomenon: Cloud application buyers consistently underestimate the resources they will need to support their production application. As a result, they fail to plan or budget for either the necessary staff or a service provider to provide support for their instance of the application. If this oversight is not correctly quickly enough, the result can be a failed implementation for the customer. Eventus helps its clients avoid this scenario with Eventus Technology Managed Services, a subscription-based offering application support for Cloud-based CRM and enterprise communications applications.  Complementing vendor tech support and playing the role internal IT has traditionally played for on-premises enterprise applications, Eventus Technology Managed Services gives cloud application users the ongoing support they need to ensure their systems allow them to meet their business objectives.

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Eventus Managed Services Hardened Facility

All Eventus Managed Services operate out of the Eventus managed service facility located in Denver, Colorado. Eventus designed this hardened facility from the ground up to serve our clients as a command center where all aspects of contact center operations and technology can be continuously monitored and managed for effectiveness and efficiency. Opened in 2011, the Eventus facility is a dedicated, technology-enabled and highly secure resource specifically designed to meet the unique demands of contact center operations and technology managed services.

  • Biometric security for facility access
  • Raised floor for power and network cabling
  • Security cameras inside the facility
  • UPS generator for electrical backup and short-term outages
  • Diesel generator for long-term outages
  • Hotline-enabled for triage and problem resolution
  • Conference room integrated into the facility
  • Highly available technology infrastructure
  • At-home capable if facility is not accessible

Eventus Managed Services - Selected Recent Results

results_400In 2014, Eventus Managed Services enabled our clients to manage over 2,500 agents, service over 8.3 million customer interactions and achieve over $22 million in savings.

State Health Insurance Exchange Open Enrollment: 600 agents, 3 sites, 1.1 million interactions enabling over 1.2 million households to enroll in Affordable Care Act insurance.

Large NGO Enhanced Membership Card rollout: 75 additional agents, supporting 5 million new membership cards in 6 weeks.

Another State Health Insurance Exchange Forecasted and prevented a future $1.5 million Oracle overage cost through Proactive License Investment Services.

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