Email and SMS provide significant advantages to CX operations because they are a lower cost channel that does not require staffing to call arrival patterns like a traditional contact center.  Eventus advocates for email/SMS to be the first electronic channels implemented in a contact center interested in expanding their electronic channel footprint.

Social Media

Social media and the associated feedback is a key driver of brand perception in the marketplace.  When implementing social channels, Eventus works to ensure quick responses and escalation management for all reviews below 4 stars.  The most effective social media programs ensure that bad feedback is contained quickly along with positive re-enforcement for 5 star reviews.


Co-browse is an often underutilized asset in the CX suite.  Eventus uses co-browse  to drive volume to electronic/web assets and reduce contacts through phone channels.  Efficient use of co-browse is highly effective for driving permanent reductions in call volume.

Chat/Chat Bots

Chats and chatbots are a critical digital channel in the modern CX infrastructure.  The most effective chat programs leverage knowledge and AI assets to increase the speed/accuracy of responses while lowering the cost-to-serve.  Chat is becoming a preferred channel in younger customer bases and is highly desirable when combined with BOT technology for lower costs and raise CSAT.


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