Interaction Quality

Scorecard can be designed based on the client engagement and Quality expectations. In most cases, the scorecard measures adherence to company policies and procedures, first contact resolution, and the overall customer experience.

Quality Calibration

Calibration is critical to share findings and evaluation results with training, leadership, and quality advisor to ensure consistency in communication, along with continued employee development opportunities. Calibration brings the team together to identify trends and possible process improvement needs.

Supervisor and Management Coaching

The quality assurance team provides feedback and identified coaching tips to aid the leadership team. Evaluation content is provided on areas for development, noticeable improvement, and consistency in excellence.

Quality and CSAT Improvement Analysis

Provide individual trending analysis for better understanding of where the Contact Center Agent needs further training or development. This information also aids in recognizing and celebrating the agents strengths and allows for best practices to be identified. Through improved agent performance, you should also see an increase in CSAT.

CSAT Analysis identifies how the customer views the services that are being provided, delivering insights to pinpoint areas that may negatively impact the business and drive development of processes to implement designed to improve customer satisfaction.



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