QA Program Design

Measuring agent interactions assists with understanding the agent and customer interaction and underlying processes.  A QA program tied to business goals, measurable KPIs, and open feedback is a critical component to understanding customer satisfaction.  Eventus designs QA Programs to either stand alone or compliment CSAT and ESAT programs to provide a complete view of the customer to help drive ongoing improvements.   

QA Program Implementation

Introducing QA Programs often impacts multiple areas of the organization as measurements and review often uncover customer experience impacts.  Fostering communication channels, using measurable insights and enacting change are all critical components of a successful QA program.  Eventus has proven experience in implementing QA programs that align organizational focus towards servicing the consumer while providing actionable, repeatable processes aimed at retention, growth and, stability.

Outlier Analysis

Contact centers are a wealth of data and information - and when appropriately analyzed can provide immediate insights to improvements.  Eventus leverages outlier detection techniques, an understanding of the overall goals and recommendations to mitigate outliers to help businesses better understand revenue/cost implications.  Consistently using outlier analysis helps provide insights into the customer experience, enable change, better predict customer needs and forecast business success.   



Agent Improvement Programs

Just measuring Agent performance is not enough.  Providing learning and development opportunities for Agents to improve is critical to helping Agent grow and service customers in alignment with the desired experience.  Eventus helps identify, develop and introduce measurable Agent improvement programs tailored to your organization and its goals.  Enabling an organization with resources intended to improve Agent performance helps manage costs while delivering ongoing improvements.   



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