Strategic Roadmap Benchmarking is a systematic process of measuring your organizations operational processes, technology and business objectives to determine the state of the organization compared to recognized industry leaders for the purpose of determining opportunity areas. With the right guidance and expertise, benchmarking can lead to recommendations being made and implemented to drive efficiency and productivity by identifying key drivers for growth within your organization. Eventus Solutions Group has the expertise and industry knowledge to conduct the Strategic Roadmap Benchmarking to provide strategic recommendations.

Eventus Solutions Group consultants have deep domain expertise with 15+ years of experience within the contact centers and customer engagement to carry out the Strategic Roadmap Benchmarking. By first understanding your organization’s critical success factors, we can then review the state of these factors compared with recognized industry leaders. We provide further analysis by identify characteristics within your organization to explain the reasoning and categorization of each of the success factors. Whether your organization is a “Lagger” or “Leader” Eventus Strategic Roadmap Benchmarking can assess the gap between the current state and desired future state to identify opportunities for growth to achieve its overall business objectives.

Technology Roadmap

Choosing the right technology platform is a daunting task. Accelerate your transformation with experiences tailored to your business goals and capabilities. A technology roadmap evaluates your current systems and charts a course to the future. Eventus professionals have practical experience with a multitude of customer experience technologies, vendors, and implementation strategies. A technology roadmap frames your future environment with an achievable implementation approach backed by the financial impact of improved customer engagement.

Operational Roadmap

Eventus only employs people who have an in-depth knowledge and broad of the industry.  Due to this practice Eventus is able to deliver an operational roadmap that is tailored to the client’s specific needs and desired outcomes.  There is no cookie cutter approach, each client is unique.

Process Roadmap

Eventus follows a uniquely designed six-step methodology to understand, map, analyze, prioritize, improve and sequence redesigned process back into your organization to improve outcomes.  This process enables organizations to realize and achieve their Vision and align it to their strategic business goals.  Our methodology identifies actionable changes and provides recommendations throughout the journey to improve the overall customer experience.

Customer Experience Roadmap

Customer Experience (Cx) Design is the broader discipline where we help organization's transition from a Cx current state to as close to possible to a Cx ideal state. We leverage the Lean concept, "strive for perfection", as an innovation thought technique to help our clients discover Cx design options to delight their customers while dramatically improving operational impacts (i.e. increased revenue, increased loyalty, increased customer satisfaction, decreased expense, decreased handle time, etc.)

At Eventus, we often start with a strategic illustration depicting customer personas, the current state journey map, the future state journey map, moments of truth, level of effort, and the pain points along the way representing the gap. Then we build a heat map showing the solution options represented by cost/benefit predictions to help our clients decide on their strategic approach. We collaborate with our clients to decide on the best path forward and that results in the Cx Roadmap for our client to socialize the solution(s) and for our transformation teams to go execute the option(s) selected.

ROI | Investment Analysis

Whether your goal is to boost profitability, obtain investment to update antiquated systems, or improve the customer experience, Eventus consultants have experience developing and delivering advanced financial models complete with robust scenario, what-if, and ROI analysis capabilities. Investment analysis helps business leaders understand financial implications before making investments to meet predetermined business goals. We collaborate with our client’s team to understand unique business needs, develop custom financial models, and outline a plan to accomplish your goals. The outcome of investment analysis provides business leaders with the support they need to green-light performance improvement projects.


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