Shift Requirements

Schedule shift requirements are developed based on Eventus Operations Managed Services forecasts, along with information about agent scheduling and behavior. Agent absenteeism, off-phone activity, and attrition can be forecasted down to interval-level detail, just as with call arrival patterns. Correct, detailed requirements ensure staff are placed in the most effective schedules.


Staff Schedules

Actual staff schedules must at once match shift requirements as closely as possible and adhere to real-world scheduling constraints. Eventus Operations Managed Services analysts work to provide the most efficient schedules to serve business needs, while also considering agent preferences, business practices, and legal requirements. There are no cookie-cutter schedules; each schedule set is tailored to a particular client’s needs. Eventus uses a blend of modern scheduling tools coupled with analyst experience and intuition to develop optimal schedules.


Shift Bid Management

Schedule optimization often requires movement of agent schedules. Whether in response to seasonal trends, attrition losses, or business expansion, schedules must be flexible; static schedules rarely serve business needs well. The schedule bid is a tool to manage schedule movement and assignment. By assigning schedules based on agent preference, performance, and rank, schedule bids fairly balance the needs of the business with agent preferences. Eventus Operations Managed Services can develop and manage schedule bids of appropriate scope and frequency to meet schedule optimization needs. 


Attrition Prediction and Analysis

By accounting for and predicting attrition, Eventus Operations Managed Services can help to ensure smooth contact center operations through appropriate staffing, minimized schedule movement, and pre-planned, even hiring cycles. Analysis of historical attrition on when and why agents leave, together with integrated analytics of schedule, tenure, and HR data for current agents, yields a predictive interval-level outlook of future attrition. Moreover, this data can serve to affect policy changes to increase retention, reducing training costs and improving the center environment.


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