Planning Technology Transformations

Technology Assessment, Roadmap & Acquisition

Depending on how one categorizes components, a typical modern customer contact center requires something like 37 different technologies to operate. Strategic planning in such a challenging environment can be daunting. Eventus strategy consultants typically have a minimum of 15 years experience in their fields. Many have served at the C-Level or VP-Level in large firms, and many, just like our clients, have managed P&L responsibility in customer operations oriented roles.


Eventus offers a broad range of strategic consulting capabilities across two essential and highly interrelated domains: Operations and Technology. In the Technology domain, Eventus capabilities include the following:

Technology Assessments

The first step that needs occur in the development of a technology strategy is an assessment of current technologies. Eventus takes a comprehensive and holistic approach to this task. Our consultants review all the technologies necessary to operate a successful contact center, not just the technologies our company makes and sells.

In the CRM arena, we look at your existing systems to see how well they support elements such as multi-channel communications, integrated view of the customer, agent efficiency, knowledge base, incident/ticket management, eCommerce and marketing automation.

In telephony, we review existing system functionality of automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer-telephony integration (CTI) and outbound dialers. Many telephony evaluations involve analysis of multiple on-premises systems installed in multiple data centers.

In additional to CRM and telephony, our consultants will also review existing contact center tools such as workforce management, reporting, call recording and quality systems.



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Technology Roadmaps

Once we have a clear picture of the current state, the next steps are to define the desired future state, perform a gap analysis and then to develop a technology roadmap for getting from the current state to the future state. If the roadmap is complex, it may be broken into multiple phases to be implemented over time.

In addition to CRM, telephony and contact center tools roadmaps, these projects often also include the development of cloud strategies, technology architectures, multi-channel roadmaps and solution recommendations.

Furthermore, once desired solutions have been identified, it is usually necessary to create a comprehensive financial model and business case that will be presented to the CEO or Board of Directors for approval. While many VPs of Service and CIOs struggle to develop funding proposals that get approved, Eventus consultants have an excellent track record at creating business cases with compelling ROI that captures the attention and imagination of decision makers.

Technology Roadmaps

Technology Sourcing

Following the approval of funding, the next step in a technology transformation initiative is technology sourcing. Here again, Eventus consultants are ready and willing to help if needed with strategic technology sourcing projects. Eventus has participated in numerous sourcing projects with its clients with project scopes including deliverables such as:

  • Application requirements
  • Business requirements
  • Vendor vetting
  • RFP development
  • RFP process management
  • Vendor selection
  • Contract negotiation


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