One Centralized Command Center Optimizes Multiple Contact Centers

Eventus Operations Managed Services Overview

Contact_Center_Environment_600Today’s cloud-based CRM and telephony applications give customer engagement leaders unprecedented opportunities to increase service levels while reducing costs. The flexibility to deliver cloud technology to contact center agents wherever they are working and whoever they are working for also provides never before seen flexibility. However, not even these tools can produce optimal benefits to the business without a global perspective and support model for your entire contact center network. Unfortunately, we see many organizations struggle to establish best practices command center functionality for a single contact center, let alone a network of multiple centers.

The Eventus Operations Managed Service provides our clients with a new option to solving this problem. Instead of budgeting and staffing to build their own command centers at each contact center, Eventus offers its global command center as a managed service that uses cloud technologies to support multiple contact centers from a single centralized locations. Depending on your specific needs, Eventus can provide full-service or supplemental capacity with expert staff and proven, consistent processes to dramatically improve your command center function at a substantially lower cost.

What Functions Does a Command Center Perform?


A contact center command center typically performs three primary functions in support of the contact center supervisors, managers and executive leadership: workforce management, real-time adherence, and reporting & analytics.

Workforce Management In this area, the command center predicts channel volumes using a variety of inputs and techniques to deliver proper staffing levels to raise service level consistency and enhance the customer experience. The workforce management team generates long-term forecasts of channel volume as well as short-term work schedule.

Real-Time Adherence This function includes oversight and recommendations relating to workload and agent headcount to maximize efficiencies and adapt to real-time changes.  For example, if the real-time team observes higher than expected queues for Product A support, but lower than expected demand for Product B, it can recommend shifting of resources from Product B to Product A to overcome the demand imbalance. Real-time adherence also includes operational process assistance and oversight as well as monitoring of IVR, CRM and ACD environments as needed.

Reporting, Analytics and Insight Here, analysts analyze and report on customer experience, service delivery and agent performance. They provide a closed loop on KPIs and identify areas for potential process and performance improvement

Why is Building a  Command Center So Hard?

concentration_400Anyone who has worked in a large contact center environment recognizes the critical role played by the command center staff that provides essential support including forecasting, scheduling, real-time management, reporting/analytics and vendor management. Without effective performance of these functions with the right technologies and processes, it is virtually impossible for any contact center to achieve industry-standard quality or productivity metrics.

Yet despite the critical role this organization plays, many organizations struggle to make their Command Center a strategic advantage because it is hard to staff and scale, and it is often underfunded from both a staffing and technology perspective. Building an effective command center requires success in three areas:

Staffing Command Centers requires staff with specialized skills available during all hours of operation for contact center analysts and management, performance reporting, technology management, quality and training, and vendor management.

Infrastructure The Command Center facility must be designed for high availability and security with redundant power and network connectivity. Processes and procedures need to be world-class, well-documented and in-place. The infrastructure needs to support real-time collaboration and short reaction times for triage and problem resolution. It also needs to be able to provide centralized views of contact volumes, metrics and performance

Technology Command centers require powerful reporting, dashboard, performance management, quality and workforce management tools. Deploying this much technology requires having the right vision, as well as an implementation roadmap broken down into concrete projects and sufficient IT support resources

The Eventus Operations Managed Service

Ops_MS_400The Eventus Operations Managed Service is an outsourced command center that acts as an operations center where service center interactions can be proactively managed and continuously monitored in real-time to optimize effectiveness and efficiency. It offers a configurable selection of [services] including workforce management, real-time adherence, and reporting & analytics, as well as periodic performance assessments, optimization/continuous improvement and business continuity.

Part of the [Eventus managed service family] and operating out of a [hardened facility located at Eventus headquarters near Denver Colorado], Eventus Operations Managed Services:

  • Act and an extenson of your organization
  • Ensure appropriate volume forecasting and staffing
  • Deliver timely and insightful operational reporting Proactivity monitors all contact center environment
  • Leverage best practices from other organizations and industries
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Reduce operating costs

Centralized vs. Decentralized Command Centers

Centralized_Command_Center_600Organizations with multiple contact centers, whether they be insourced or outsourced, can choose to distribute or centralized command center functionality. In our experience building and operating large-scale contact centers, we have found centralized command centers have the following advantages: We have designed our Operations Managed Service to deliver centralized command center functionality for the following reasons:

  • Supports multiple in-house and outsourced contact centers
  • Leverages rare employee skillsets and specialized technologies such as WFM
  • Enables optimization across multiple centers, not just within one contact center
  • Enables use of champion/challenger model to manage labor vendors whereby most of the volume gets routed to the contact center with the best productivity and quality
  • Simplifies data consolidation and creation of integrated view of the complete customer experience
  • Quicker to adapt to evolving market and customer needs
  • Can be insourced or outsourced

Available Contact Center Operations Managed Services

The Eventus Operations Managed Service is a unique, modular offering that helps organizations hit their goals by cost effectively leveraging Eventus infrastructure and resources. Eventus tailors a specific solution for each client that can include the following components:


  • Develop and maintain all staffing requirements (hiring, ramps and forecasting plans)
  • Develop and deliver 30/60/90 day forecast plan


  • Develop & manage work schedule preference process
  • Change request & trades processing & management
  • Up-training planning, scheduling & reschedule management
  • Coverage planning
  • Balance over/under staffing – overtime recommendation & scheduling management
  • Build plans for time off availability, offering, scheduling & management

Real Time Adherence

  • Monitor and report on system accessibility
  • Monitor service level, contact volumes, handle times and shrinkage metrics
  • Make staffing recommendations for each site
  • Adjust agent skills and staffing levels
  • Resolution of performance-affecting operational issues
  • Schedule exception entry and trending

Reporting and Analytics

  • Real-time
  • Historical
  • Agent level productivity


  • Design, develop, and maintain process playbook
  • Performance and capacity support
  • System performance analysis and tuning 

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