Improve Productivity and Quality of Existing Operations

Operations Optimization and Change Management

While Eventus senior operations consultants are well qualified to help you plan strategic transformations, we can also help you improve productivity and quality in your existing operation. In this area, our projects usually fall into two categories: optimization and change management. These kinds of projects are typically more focused on a single area of operations than our assessment projects, where we undertake a broad review of your existing operations and/or technology.

Operations Optimization

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Contact Center Operations Optimization

As volumes grow and contact centers get larger, many organizations discover that the business processes and procedures they have historically relied on for functions such as forecasting and scheduling just don’t work very well anymore. Eventus consultants have the experience required to bring your team actionable advice on how to make material improvements to important operations functions including:

  • Workforce management
  • Reporting
  • Real-time management
  • KPI development
  • Quality assurance
  • Data analytics

For example, in one recent project, Eventus consultants helped a satellite TV provider optimize its forecasting capabilities. The client initially thought they had a technology problem. However, our team used Six Sigma process improvement techniques to thoroughly review not just technology, but also data, people and process. In the end, our optimization recommendations primarily revolved around people and process. In addition to showing their client how to improve forecast accuracy, we also helped them develop forecasting accuracy goals for each of their workgroups that took into account the unique complexities of their business.

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Contact Center Operations Change Management

When it comes time to make changes in your operation, if you need assistance implementing new processes or systems, Eventus is available to help. Our change management capabilities include:

  • Business Project Management Office (PMO) to help you get transformational projects kicked off right and delivered on time and on budget
  • Business Process Improvement leveraging our in house Six Sigma master black belt team to help you streamline the way you do business
  • Staffing & Training to help you not only hire the right people to staff a new initiative, but also ensure they have sufficient training to be successful in their new roles
  • Full-service Contact Center Build-Out capabilities such as site selection, architectural/interior design coordination, contractor management, networking design and installation, security design and certification and furniture selection/installation

In a recent Business Process Improvement project, we were asked by a major health insurance company to fix some gaps in their Workforce Management operation, including the need for some interim management support. Our client was hitting its service level targets, but it knew it has a problem because occupancy was too high and shrinkage was too low. By working closely with our client’s team, we developed a comprehensive set of recommendations including clearer roles and responsibilities for the existing team, clear goals that included efficiency metrics as well as quality metrics, simplification of the work environment through automation, as well as process improvements.


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