Planning Operational Transformations

Operations Strategy and Sourcing

The first step in any major customer engagement optimization project is planning. Eventus strategy consultants typically have a minimum of 15 years experience in their fields. Many have served at the C-Level or VP-Level in large firms, and many, just like our clients, have managed P&L responsibility in customer operations oriented roles.

Eventus offers a broad range of strategic consulting capabilities across two essential and highly interrelated domains: Operations and Technology. In the Operations domain, Eventus capabilities include the following:

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Operations Strategies & Planning

In this area, Eventus capabilities include assessments, roadmap development, and creation of strategies for onshoring/offshoring; outsourcing; contact centers; multichannel support; social and mobile; and call deflection. Many of these projects also include the development of board-ready financial models and business cases.

Contact Center Assessments

Eventus consultants will identify the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to your operation while providing a comprehensive and current analysis of various aspects of contact center management, operations and technology.

Customer Experience Planning

Planning experiences can help differentiate your business from the competition. We will work with you to architect a customer experience that builds loyalty and reduces churn.

Contact Center Strategy

Eventus consultants can help Clients develop servicing strategies such as single or multiple locations and vendors, multiple vendors managed via balanced scorecard, agent-at-home strategies, approaches for handling peak/non-peak volumes, command center managed services, as well as traditional brick-and-mortar strategies.

Operations Planning & Budgeting

Eventus strategy consultants can develop quantified and prioritized recommendations for optimization of existing contact center staffing models, business processes and management approaches.

Offshore and Onshore Strategy

Our consultants have a detailed understanding of the intricacies of both off shoring and on shoring and help document the pros and cons of the options. Eventus will deliver a recommendation that takes into consideration the costs and corporate culture integrated into the business outcomes required from the partner.

Social Media Strategy

Eventus can assist you in developing a technology-enabled strategy that allows your company to respond to the quickly-evolving demands of social media.

Multichannel Strategy

Surveys consistently show the most common channel for customer support, voice phone calls, is the least popular. Eventus can help you develop an integrated multi-channel strategy incorporating all the popular modern communication techniques.

Call Deflection Strategy

Getting customers to solve their own problems using self service is an excellent strategy for reducing contact center costs. Eventus can help you develop a comprehensive call deflection strategy encompassing knowledge management, your website and your IVR system.

Call Deflection Strategy




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Front & Back Office Sourcing

Should your operations strategy include the use of call center vendors, Eventus' strategy consultants can work with you through all aspects of the sourcing process.


Eventus uses multi-disciplinary teams with a combination of on-site and off-site resources to deliver these projects in the timeframes planned. Our approach focuses on framing the issues, building clear and detailed requirements to address key gaps, develop sourcing strategies for appropriate outsourcer(s), developing sourcing documentation and selection approaches, helping plan for executing solutions both technically and operationally, and framing everything we do in the context of your operational and financial objectives.

Market Research and Vendor Vetting

Eventus has strong benchmarking and relevant market data for outsourcing providers gained from participation in multiple outsourcer sourcing projects that have closed in the past 18 months.

RFP Development

To produce an RFP, Eventus leverages its intellectual property and best practices it has developed driving the RFP process for multiple contact center clients. Our team works with our client's leadership to fully understand their strategy, scope and desired outcomes such as:

  • Does contact center labor have to be instate or onshore?
  • Does the client want to own the licenses for the contact center technology?
  • Who will manage the contact center command center?

We then identify ideal vendor types and profiles and leverage our experience in designing contact center technology strategies to produce a document that supports the overall solicitation strategy.

RFP Management

Eventus has extensive history in running operational service RFPs acting as trusted advisors from requirements definition through contracting. We have worked closely with our Client's Operations, Technology, Legal and Procurement teams to deliver high quality, cost effective solutions at half the typical industry cycle time.


Eventus consultants have extensive experience in the complex area of negotiating outsourcing and technology contracts with over $5 billion in contracts executed on a global basis.

In addition to helping our clients plan their operational transformations, Eventus consultants are equally well equipped to help clients plan their technology transformations.

Unlike other firms, Eventus does not just leave its clients with plans they have to execute themselves. For clients needing assistance implementing their transformation plans, Eventus offers operational implementation services and technology implementation services.





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