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CRM, Web & Telephony Implementation & Integration

As many Clients know there are dozens of technology components that must work together in order to deliver a robust and cost effective customer service capability. In addition to CRM Application Development services Eventus provides you a one-stop solution for all your technology infrastructure needs. Whether it’s moving your telephony infrastructure to the Cloud or improving your customer service web capabilities Eventus has extensive experience and solutions available.

CRMWebTelephonyDedicated Mobile Apps
Sales Email ACD iPhone
Service Chat IVR Android
Billing Social Media CTI Smart Phone
Knowledgebase Mobile Call Recording Tablet
Marketing Automation E-Commerce Outbound iOS
Best Offer Management Co-Browse SIP/VOIP iPad
Unified Desktop Self-Service SMS Windows Phone


Eventus differs from typical System Integrators in three ways:

  • We utilize our expertise in contact center strategy and operations to produce a superior design and overall outcomes from your cloud CRM, telephony and web application investments
  • We understand customer engagement. We are the go-to partner for some of the world’s best brands, because we are strong in both backend systems integration and forward facing customer workflow.
  • We are strong with customer communication channels integrated into the call center desktop such as mobile application delivery, social media integration, email, web chat, and internet portals.

CRM Application Development

Eventus offers CRM Application Development services and has successfully delivered over 80 projects for its Clients. Our team has an emphasis on Cloud CRM solutions and is a Gold Partner with Oracle for Oracle Service Cloud solution development. We are also partnered with for our systems integration capability especially with our focus on contact centers solutions. We help clients build capabilities that drive revenue, reduce call handling time by making the agent more efficient, improve the customer experience and help your management get the insight they need into your customer interactions.

Eventus has delivered CRM Application solutions in several areas of expertise:

  • Sales Automation
  • Service Automation including Email, Chat, Co-Browse as well as CTI/ACD/Telephony integration
  • Complex Case Management Capabilities
  • Knowledge Base linked to Agent actions and activity
  • Marketing and Campaign Management Solutions
  • Best Offer Management for increased revenue
  • Web Self-Service to reduce costs and make it easier for customers to help themselves
Contact Center Consulting Services

Voice Strategy & Implementation

Maximizing new voice strategies is an important consideration for modernizing any contact center. The Eventus team engages with Client subject matter experts (SMEs) to collect all available data for both the IVR and contact center and will lead short-term studies within the contact center as needed. Based on this data we perform an analysis against qualitative observations in the contact center to help prioritize future improvements for the current environment.

Using this information we lay out the approach, costs, timetable and resources required to achieve improvement. Some of the key areas we examine are:

  • ACD examining carefully Cloud vs. Premise options, pros and cons
  • IVR including speech recognition options
  • CTI for call routing and for rapid performance when interacting with a customer
  • Call Recording taking into account key certification requirements such as HIPAA and PCI
  • Network Architecture to optimize your overall network cost while considering the level of disaster recovery and business continuity you need
  • Outbound Dialing to be responsive in reaching out to your customer base
  • SIP & VOiP for more cost effective call handling while considering reliability and service levels
  • SMS for pre-emptive communication with customers keeping them in the loop on the status of their service requests
RightNow Support, Eventus Solutions Group

Web Strategy & Implementation

Leveraging the Internet and all of its various communications mechanisms to support Clients is critical in today´s environment. Your customers expect to be able to perform many transactions with your organization in an easy-to-use self service model. Eventus can help you maximize the web channels for your organization.

Our philosophy is to integrate with the CRM Application as many of the channels as possible to give you an integrated view of customer contact history and to empower your contact center agents with knowledge to better serve the customer.

Key components we can help Clients with are:

  • Email Management Solutions leveraging automation technology to ensure the right email goes to the right person in your organization, to provide that person with tools to quickly respond to the customer and for the customer to feel engaged throughout the process with automated updates
  • Chat and Co-Browse technology to enable customers using your website to receive help directly from you at the time they need it
  • Social Media to ensure you are listening to what your customers are saying and to provide you with a secure, workflow based approach to effectively responding to your customer community
  • Mobile application integration so your contact center resources and customer service organization is aware of requests coming from this channel
Web Strategy and Implementation

STORM Methodology

Whichever platform you select Eventus has a unique development methodology STORM™ which combines agile development with a discovery, requirements and business analysis component rooted in a deep understanding of contact centers. Leveraging our extraordinary group of highly skilled architects, developers, consultants and administrators we ensure your business needs are aligned every step of the way as we develop your application.



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