Why Modernizing Siebel Makes More Sense than Replacing It

On-Demand Webinar


While competitors are trying to make the case for the wholesale replacement of Siebel installations, Siebel users now have a new option for modernizing their CRM infrastructure without the risk and expense of a major system transition. In this webinar presented by the immixGroup, you will learn how Eventus Solutions Group is working with Siebel users to modernize their CRM implementations by incorporating elements of Oracle Service Cloud (OSvC) into a hybrid Siebel-OSvC architecture.

This presentation covers:

  • The four most common use cases for modernizing an existing Siebel implementation with OSC
  • The four primary integration techniques for creating a hybrid architecture so that Siebel remains the system-of-record
  • How a hybrid Siebel-OSC architecture lets Siebel users cost-effectively leverage their investment in Siebel while adding modern customer experience capabilities from OSC

 About the Speaker, Doug Dostal

WhiteboardDoug Dostal is Senior Director, CRM Architecture for Eventus Solutions Group. Doug has over 14 years experience implementing Oracle Service Cloud (formerly Oracle RightNow) both as a standalone system and as a modernization strategy for existing CRM systems including Siebel.

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