CX Strategy

A solid contact center and customer experience strategy provides a clear sense of direction & defines measurable goals. These strategies are crucial for guiding day-to-day business decisions and to assess the progress being made in reaching the set goals. Our team has years of experience evaluating, identifying the measurable goals that should be targeted, and creating a strategy that will guide the business to success.

CX Digital Transformation

Technology is evolving at a rate that is challenging to keep up with. Your strategy needs to be broad enough to adapt to new technologies as they become more widely adopted. In today's world, many businesses struggle to realize the full potential of digitization and the benefits that come with adopting new technologies. These benefits include increased productivity, cost efficiency, increased security, deeper levels of data capture, and the ability to stay competitive in the market.

CX Optimization

Our team weighs constraints and criteria against different solutions in technology, people, and process to select what will work best not only functionally but operationally. Fine tuning in these areas can mean the difference between your center being an operational powerhouse or a dysfunctional mess. When we talk about optimization, we don’t just evaluate agent performance, or technology. We evaluate all aspects of the business because we know through our extensive experience how many factors can have an impact to overall performance.

CX Managed Services

Eventus Managed Services is designed to take on full or partial responsibility for the day-to-day management of contact center operations and technology. Operations Managed Services provides global command center services to support one or more distributed contact centers. Technology Managed Services provides application support for cloud-based CRM and Enterprise Communications applications. All Eventus managed services are hosted out of Eventus' Denver-based command center facility, and features an outcome-focused pricing model that ensures delivery the most value for the least risk.


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