Service Level Commitments

Eventus understands that client needs range from small questions to significant sudden emergencies. As a partner, Eventus ensures that needs and inquiries are prioritized correctly based on the client’s specific business needs, and during the times the client needs (up to 24/7). With service level agreements better than what are commonly offered by vendors, Eventus ensures the focus is on the client’s specific needs.


MACD Administration

User management can be a tedious aspect of system management. Eventus, as an expert in CRM system administration, can handle typical ‘MACD’ (“move, add, change, delete”) needs quickly and efficiently, freeing you from the need to have dedicated staff to make such changes.


Functionality Enhancements

Cloud-based CRM systems that are designed to operate at scale are very complex. From user management to knowledge base management to incident handling to mailings and surveys to mailbox configuration to data-driven analytics (and more), powerful systems can be hampered if staff is limited in knowledge of administration. Experts in such systems are specialized, not always easy to find, and may not even be needed full time. With Eventus as a partner, you have quick and ready access to a full team of experts in these systems.


Upgrade Management

System upgrades, usually available from one to four times a year, bring new features. However, they also require extensive planning and regression testing to ensure seamless cutover. Eventus has overseen dozens of such upgrades and can offer guidance and assistance with this process. This is generally included in an Eventus Technology Managed Services contract at no additional cost, helping keep your system current and with the latest features.


System Management and Performance Monitoring

In addition to configuration and upgrade support, Eventus will proactively monitor system health and performance in a number of areas, to illuminate potential problems before their impact becomes significant. This too is generally included in an Eventus Technology Managed Services contract.


Liscense Investment Analysis

Eventus Technology Managed Services also proactively monitors vendor license compliance, to ensure contracted usage is not exceeded. Eventus leverages its contact center and analytics expertise to project future usage and needs, which help you tailor contracted line items to your specific business needs.


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