Technology Vendor Strategy and Sourcing

Selecting technology partners in the contact center can be a daunting task. There are dozens of viable platforms competing for market share today, and decision makers can struggle to match their future state vision with a solution provider that can help with short-term operational requirements and make that future a reality.

The Eventus approach to these selection processes begins with a deep dive into your current customer experience strategy, and discussions to capture the key capabilities required to achieve your future state. There is risk here, however, as software procurement processes in many companies are built around satisfying the security and maintenance requirements of the IT organization, not necessarily the contact center end-user or the customer. Eventus aids your selection process by bringing the experiences of hundreds of technology deployments in contact centers of all sizes. Our consultants can insert themselves into your sourcing decision and immediately add value, be it on front-end strategy, influencing or writing requirements, managing RFI/RFP processes, vendor selection, contracting, implementation, or ongoing toolset support. The Eventus team has relationships with vendors that span ACD/Dialer, Quality Management, Knowledge Management, Workforce Optimization, CRM, Desktop Observation/Automation, Data Insights, and Customer Experience Analytics.

Contact Center Vendor Strategy and Sourcing

Purposeful definition of a strategy when using a Business Process Outsourcer, will set the stage for a productive ongoing relationship with the vendor, ensuring complete customer satisfaction in every interaction. Whether the strategy is used to supplement the existing organization or to fulfill complete servicing of the customer experience, the goal is to maintain external service provider accountability and improve performance.

Eventus' experience in first facilitating prioritization of current pain points, along with identifying future goals and objectives will inform the range of options developed to best suit your organization’s needs as well as that of your customers. Strategy options are defined across 40 topics within 7 dimensions that will be a primary input for any subsequent sourcing projects.

Whether using a BPO or assessing where to locate your own center, Eventus sourcing capabilities includes the preparation and issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify and assess the contact center sites or vendors best positioned to partner with our clients and execute against the adopted service strategy. Although the requirements of the BPOs and nature of work to be contracted will depend on which strategy is selected, the process is expected to result in a better match of provider qualifications and CSR skills with emerging client needs, and will yield contract terms that provide compelling incentives to improve operating efficiency and service quality.

Contact Center Vendor On-Boarding and Management

Eventus works with teams and stakeholders at all levels to provide and ensure consistent, high quality program management of your vendor implementation. Using effective application of PMO processes, as well as ensuring excellence in execution/delivery of the program to provide passionate, innovative, results-oriented leadership with an unwavering commitment to success. First, determining critical vendor attributes (e.g. location, industry experience) used to establish optimal internal vs. outsource service mix then working to mitigate key risks associated with the volume of vendors and agents being brought up simultaneously while ensuring all vendors meet ramp up and operational requirements in the SOW.

After on-boarding, Eventus aims to increase external service provider accountability and improve performance through an intentional implementation of vendor management processes. The recommendations and strategies are not vendor specific, and the management approach to be developed and the tools and techniques utilized would apply to any service partners. A company’s vendor managers are a pivotal role in the daily management of strategic relationships with vendors. Assuming that a company already has these roles in place, it is important to review the role and revise responsibilities as needed to ensure that vendor managers can truly manage uniquely and do so successfully. If the role does not yet exist, it is critical to consider adding it to the vendor management team


Eventus utilizes the information derived from the vendor strategy to conduct a series of workshops to create requirements and business process to support the identified capabilities and business goals. Those requirements and business processes will be documented in a detailed process document known as a playbook.

A typical playbook includes:

• Detailed descriptions of all roles and responsibilities that are define in the playbook which is the standard operation procedure (SOP) for vendor management. This clearly defines interactions between vendors, vendor management, business areas and your Command Center.
• Defined standard operating procedure (SOP) for the request for new, change of existing, and decommission of vendor services, reporting requirements, floor procedures, infrastructure, systems, program integrations, applications, and users, for contact center services as defined in the vendor agreements.

Playbooks are not intended to provide the low level processes that support and are executed by the command center, training or quality management groups. Rather Playbooks establish and provide multi-level governance for vendor management of these areas as well as define escalation and arbitration processes and procedures for issue management, non-compliance, and other barriers for vendor performance management.


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