Incident and Case Management Self-Service

Self-created incidents and cases are $5-10 cheaper (on average) to resolve over phone channel.  In cases where the incident/case creation is complex, Eventus uses process and policy automation tools to ensure the case can be routed to the right agents with sufficient information to solve without an outbound call to the customer.

Portal Designs

Eventus approaches portal design with a human factors mentality.  We work with legacy portal teams to ensure all customer service assets encourage self-service. We build our portal pages with responsive design and other techniques to ensure repeat usage by customers across any type of device.  In addition, Eventus can provide the creative elements in cases where there is not a defined creative framework.

Web Forms/Ask-A-Question

Ask-a-question pages remain a strong way to deflect calls, especially when integrated with an incident management solution.  Eventus can help you implement these types of web assets with rapid deployment packages that will have you measuring the project implementation time in weeks as opposed to months.

Customer Knowledge Base

A Knowledge base is no longer a departmental tool, rather it is an enterprise capability that supports all channels.  Integrating knowledge bases provides for consistency of answers as well as a potential source of call deflection.  Ensuring your customers have the opportunity to self-answer questions saves cost and increases brand loyalty.


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