What does Apple have to do with 311?  What about Zappos?  The answer is - more than you might think!  These companies have been delivering such fantastic customer experiences that they have “raised the bar” on consumer expectations for what constitutes good service in all segments of the economy.

Rightly or wrongly, these increased expectations are also influencing constituents’ expectations for the services they receive from government organizations.  If you are involved with designing, building or operating a 311 program at the municipal, county, state or provincial level, chances are you have already been seeing the demand for new capabilities such as support for additional communications channels and mobile devices.

The result of these increased expectations has been renewed vigor in the entire 311 space, which has translated into a second generation of 311 initiatives.  In this whitepaper from the Eventus Solutions Group, you will learn:

  • five different types of 311 projects that are now taking place throughout North America
  • four key drivers that are enabling these “311 2.0” initiatives
  • a recommended approach on how to get started in this exciting new era for the 311 industry
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