Workforce Management Analysis

Managing resources is a key contributor to aligning and meeting contact center budgets.  Understanding how resources are managed, how customer interactions influence ongoing forecasts and successfully leveraging historical information is a continuous effort in improvement.  Eventus can help review the efficiencies of this key part of the contact center and identify opportunities and successes of the workforce management processes and resources to help maximize the organizational opportunity.


Accurate forecasting is important to call centers because it allows you to more completely manage your staffing needs. A solid 30/60/90-day forecast will allow you to make sure you have the right people in the right places to handle your volumes in an efficient manner which will make your customer happy and will help your bottom line. In addition to ensuring near-term staffing is correct, a complete yearly forecast will also allow you to more efficiently determine your headcount requirement on a daily, weekly, month or quarterly basis which will also mean better planning for new hire classes or attrition backfill. While some revisions may be necessary based on unknown marketing efforts or last-minute events, Eventus has been able to provide forecast accuracy to one client with less than a 5% variance for 2017. Volume arrival interval level forecasting is also important because it tells you when you need staff, as well as where you can schedule off-line activities, trainings or meetings. Pulling agents from the phones at the optimal times will help to avoid unnecessary abandoned calls and call backs.



Aligning Agent resources to incoming volumes is a vital skill necessary to help service customers in alignment with their expectations and needs.  Scheduling resources to intra-day volume arrival patterns and managing resources to those defined schedules balance costs and opportunities.  Eventus has extensive knowledge in building and optimizing agent schedules to best serve the customer inquiries in real-time and within the desired channel.  Scheduling is often one of the areas critical to reducing costs and advancing Agent performance.

Agent Productivity Analysis

Labor is often the largest cost center within an organization.  Understanding the productivity aspects of the Agent resources using key KPIs is fundamental for identifying cost saving and revenue producing opportunities.  Leveraging financial and productivity data, Eventus can help organizations understand the cost/revenue impacts and opportunities to better balance and optimize the workforce. 

WFM Implementation

Managing the agent workforce - with proper forecasting and scheduling - is pivotal in servicing the desired customer experience.  Eventus helps organizations understand the intricacies of reviewing historical patterns, identifying trends and reporting on impactful events to help develop the effectiveness of WFM teams.  Understanding the internal and external impacts to your organization helps improve the ongoing customer satisfaction by being optimally resourced.  


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